“Nemici in vita / morte li adeguò / pietà li raccolse”

Dies sind die Worte auf dem weißen Marmor-Mausoleum eines der wichtigsten in unserer Gegend eingraviert.



Dear visitors,

on 30th August we invite you to “Stars and Stories at the Ossuary” with Circolo Astrofili Veronesi.

During the day, the entrance at the monument is the same of the working days (see the complete timetable on this website).

From 6.30 pm to 8.45 pm it will be possible enter the monument at the price of 5 euros: you can visit the monument and the keeper house and, at the end (until 11.30 pm), you can also attend the lecture (in italian) about sky and universe, with Circolo Astrofili Veronesi.

For more information you can send an email info@ossariodicustoza.com



Dear visitors,

we are proud to present the new exhibition rooms in the former house of the keeper here at the Ossuary! A multimedial and emotional tour in the history, from the battle of 1866 to the building of the monument in 1879.

Don’t miss the chance to come and see the Ossuary from a new point of view.

See you soon!



We inform our guests that starting from 1st August 2017 we will charge the visitors for the entrance.

For each person:

  • 0-5 years old: free
  • 6-10 years old: 1,50 Euros
  • 11-18 years old, over 65 and groups (minimum 15 people): 2,50 Euros
  • 19-64 years old: 3 Euros
  • FAI members/FIAB VERONA members with badge: 2 euros
  • guided tours (in italian and english): 2 euros extra to the entrance fee


Öffnungszeiten 2018


Zeit Tage Morgen Stunden Nachmittagsstunden
Vom 17. März bis 15. Oktober Mittwoch, Donnerstag, Freitag, Samstag, Sonntag  Von 9.30 bis 12.30  Von 15.30 bis 18.30

Vom 17 März bis 14. Oktober

Dienstag geschlossen Von 15.30 bis 18.30

Vom 15. Oktober bis 31. Oktober

Mittwoch, Donnerstag, Freitag, Samstag, Sonntag Von 9.30 bis 12.30 Von 14.30 bis 17.30
Vom 15. Oktober bis 31. Oktober Dienstag geschlossen Von 14.30 bis 17.30




The opening time remains the same, but we will introduce a timetable for the guided tours.


From  17th March to 14th October

Mattino/ Morning Pomeriggio/ Afternoon
Mercoledì, Giovedì, Venerdì, Sabato/

Wednesday,Thursday,Friday, Saturday

2 turni/2 turns:

10.00 and 11.30 am

2 turni/2 turns:

4.00 and 5.30 pm

Martedì/Tuesday Chiuso/Closed

2 turni/2 turns:

4.00 and 5.30 pm

Domenica/ Sunday

3 turni/3 turns:

9.45, 10.30 and 11.15 am

3 turni/3 turns:

3.45, 4.30 and 5.15 pm


Guided tours last for 30 minutes. In the meanwhile, it won’t be possible to visit the monument. We thank you for the patience and we invite you to wait for the guide.

On Sunday the monument will be open even during the guided tours. Please, don’t disturb other visitors. Thank you!

The timetable of the guided tours could be different due to the number of visitors. We suggest you to book you guided tour.

Informationen und Reservierungen

Kalender wird geladen...


Informationen und Reservierungen Telefon +39 346 9652147
Stunden Reservierungsbüro Während der Öffnungszeiten