“Non c’è cuore di onesto Italiano, che non batta più forte al nome di Custoza”

These are the opening words of the program written by the organizing committee of the ossuary of Custoza, which came to life in August of 1875.

In addition to the committee chairman, Julius Camuzzoni, was attended by many prominent personalities of the time, like Angelo Messedaglia, Count Carlo Gazola, Aleardo ALEARDI. Following the successful fundraising for the erection of the memorial (more than 100,000 pounds, corresponding to the current 375,000 euros). The Executive Committee took shape in June 25, 1876, which created a competition in order to view and select the best work architecture.

Among the eighty-two projects submitted, the Executive Committee selected two which approached the idea of ​​shrine, both in economic terms (it had been decided to spend 80,000 pounds for the construction of the work) both in relation to the aesthetic of the period.

The two projects, one of the architect Giacomo Franco, the Grim of the architect Domenico Marri, were finally judged by a committee opted for the work of Giacomo Franco.

Ranked Project

  • Architect Giacomo Franco



Ranked Project

  • Architect Domenico Marri